Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rehearsal Regalia

So I had my first official rehearsal for "Zombie Prom" today, kids! And guess what I have for you, bad recording quality and all...


That's right! Click on that link and it will take you to a magical land where you can download my voice (along with Michael and Bryan's,) singing "Case Closed." I can't help but put a disclaimer on it and tell you that no, we are NOT cracking in the counterpoint, it's the wee tiny mic on my recorder spazzing cuz there are three gigantic voices and a piano all coming at it at once. If I can get a cleaner version of it done I will put it up, but for now I'm sending this into the ether for ya.

All in all it was good - I was super nervous because I wasn't used to belting that high, nor was I really warmed up to any extent, but once I got home tonight I made sure the notes felt solid. I'll work on it again tomorrow before I go for a grade.

My thoughts on the directors are...let's say the span a wide range of thoughts. They definitely know their shiz and I respect them both highly, I just wish I could find my comfort zone with them. I feel a lot of stress and pressure that I probably wouldn't have if I had already worked with them more (well Scott I have, but that was in private voice.) It's probably just feeling like I'm behind due to not doing anything last week and I want to have FUN being one of the leads, dammit! Hahaha.

Anyway, I think it's going to be an awesome show. Last week's songs "Jonny Don't Go To The Nuclear Plant," and "That's The Beat For Me," were fantastic and sound ten times better than the recordings. The stagings are adorable and hopefully I can get some of this all up on youtube (cross your fingers!)

And oh, I figured since I found some pics of them on Facebook, I'd show you the two guys I'm doing "Case Closed" with, (and these are thumbnails, since the last time I posted pics it was a fiasco...)


This is Bryan, he's playing Eddie Flagrante. Me, (Delilah Strict,) and Eddie had a hot and heavy romance awhile back and in this song we're seeing each other since the first time in years. He is the first voice you hear on the recording.


And this too-pretty-to-be-real boy is Michael, our Jonny Warner. He's gonna be neon green for most of the show. Something tells me he's still going to be ridiculously pretty even then. Don't hate him cuz he's beautiful, though. He is actually a really awesome guy. Hate him for his superb Rock-Pop Tenor. Yeah. It's sick.

Anyway, hasta manana! I gotta get my melody line drilled.

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