Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Audition, Or How I Fought To Improve My Day

So today was my auditions for "Zombie Prom" and "Hair." GOOD TIMES.

First, let me tell you a little bit of both of these shows. "Hair," or "HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical," is a musical from the 70's that is all about the peace movement during the Vietnam war. Basically the story goes like this (taken from wiki): The story of the "tribe", a group of politically active, long-haired, "Hippies of the Age of Aquarius" fighting against conscription to the Vietnam War and living a bohemian life together in New York City. Claude, his good friend Berger, their roommate Sheila and all their friends struggle to balance their young lives, loves and the sexual revolution with their pacifist rebellion against the war and the conservative impulses of their parents and society. Ultimately Claude must decide whether or not to resist the draft, as his friends have done.

Seriously, I've wanted to do this show since...man, 12? 13? I can't even remember. But I'm quickly moving out of the age range for the characters and this might very well be my last shot to do it. So would I like to be in the Tribe? Let me just say hell yes.

When I heard about these two shows, I thought there would be no question which one I'd rather do. But then I read the synopsis for "Zombie" and fell completely in love. There isn't a short snyopsis of this one on wiki, so bear with me on this: It's the 50's at Enrico Fermi High School (WOOT ITALIAN!ZOMBIE LOVE!) and Toffee, the 'Sandra Dee,' falls for Jonny, a good kid who happens to be from the wrong side of the tracks, underneath a school desk during an air raid. The Principal, Delilah Strict, doesn't like Jonny for some reason and neither do Toffee's parents, Toffee breaks up with Jonny, and Jonny commits suicide by hurling himself into the Francis Gary Powers Nuclear Power Plant. He is buried at sea in international waters with the rest of the nuclear waste.

You can see where that goes, yes? Not only is he a zombie, but he is a NUCLEAR ZOMBIE. So full of win.

The character I want ends up having a dark secret - on the night of her prom she had a tryst with a troublemaker very much like Jonny and ended up having a child. She gave him up for adoption. Guess who her baby is? YOU GUESSED IT. Her and Jonny make up at the prom, happily ever after, etc. etc., let the good times role and the cheesy b-movie horror plotline thrive.

So now you know why I want the principal so badly, haha. And if I don't get it, I will be SERIOUSLY bummed. Not only is it ridiculously over-the-top and hilarious, but it is the best character out of both shows to showcase me. And if I don't get it, I want the Tribe in Hair. No question.

Both auditions went well - In Hair they liked my version of "Aquarius," and my reading for Sheila, George and Berger's girlfriend. But Zombie Prom is where I hope I really wowed. I went in, sang the song Scott and I worked on once upon a time (he's the co-director,) and he goes "hmm...that's so familiar, I can't quite place it," and I laughed and said "I have no idea WHY it would." (The man was obsessed with me singing that song - he had me sing it nearly every voice lesson in NY just because he liked hearing it. There was no way I could have done anything other song for him.) They then had me read for the principal in two different scenes, one of which they used a lot of coaching. I hope I took the notes well and gave them what they wanted. I want this part SO bad.

Well, I think that's it for me. I'm freezing for some reason and go to bed for my long, long Wednesday. Sleep well, lovies!

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  1. Eeeeeee. I am sooo rooting for you that you get this part! *crosses fingers*

    Waiting on the edge of my seat for the results!