Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Battle's Done, And We Kinda Won, So We Sound Our Victory Cheer


Yes indeed, fair readers, I am singing my song. I walked in, the teacher came up to me and said "Do it." I go "For Real?" And she just nodded and said "I think it's easier to apologize after the fact than to ask for permission."

That's my girl. I knew she had it in her.

She asked me to change one line and it's understandable, it's probably the grossest of the words left, so I am more than willing to work on that. It's taking some fancy footwork, but I'll get it handled.

The cabaret is in two weeks and I'm getting pretty excited. It's going to be my big AMDA unveiling and I hope I do it with a bang. I've invited my friends in the area and I'm sure my classmates will be there as well, so it should be awesome. Wendy might be appearing at said show drunk as hell (due to the fact Valentine's Day is her birthday and that weekend she plans on getting schmammered,) but it's a cabaret. The drunker the merrier.

There was some drama over the weekend, nothing to concern yourselves over too much, and now it's Sunday and I have done absolutely 100% nothing but what I'VE wanted to do, which is stellar. Friday I went out to a Wine Bar with Wendy to meet her man and Saturday was dedicated to being introduced to Melrose and watching "Repo! The Genetic Opera." To all those who love Rocky Horror, you have GOT to see this movie. Truly brilliant, outlandish, sick, and gorgeous. A must for anyone who is a friend of me.

As for Melrose, it wasn't what I expected. There were alot of trendy little shops with clothes I could never dream of fitting into, of course, but it was just as dirty as LA and I actually got some great deals on a few pieces of jewelry for the cabaret. I got these rhinestone chandelier earring and a matching ring nearly the size of half my finger for 5 bucks. Score!

I also visited a store Tonya informed me about before I left called "Necromance." Basically, if you go to the website, you get the gist of the place. It's a very weird store specializing in the oddity and the curious, from insect candy and a coinpurse made from a frog to 18th century medical equipment. It was incredibly interesting. It was relatively small, but I probably spent nearly 45 minutes wandering around in it. I got Tonya a thing or two there (which I can't tell you about yet since she is very loyal about reading this - HA HA TONYA HA HA!!!) and I got myself a ring carved entirely from a seashell. It's gorgeous and dramatic and extremely cool.

So, after watching "Repo!" with Xee and Vamps, eating Thai after the grossest scene and playing Mario Kart, I came home and passed our dead cold here. I have so far today:

1. Laid in bed
2. Watched a commentary on "Repo!"
3. Talked to my mom
4. Dropped off my laundry because my ankle is too angry to plod back and forth like that all day
5. Ate a heavenly burrito
6. Wrote a little bit on a story I'm working on.

I say not too bad for a Sunday afternoon. Soon Wendy and Tara will be heading back I'm sure and then we shall discuss some of the drama that unfolded I'm sure. But until then, I am not moving from this bed.

Peace out yall,

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  1. Yeh so I was hoping to find out my PRESENT but I'm clearly not a stealthy stalker. BOO!