Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's been awhile


So as I sit here, stomach slightly ill and the dishwasher running, I have found a moment to write to you all, my gentle readers. I have Buffy on (Season 1, old school - oh Angel you yummy bastard,) and the roomies are so far still out, so here we go.

This weekend I have stayed primarily to myself here, which has been nice. With Tara in the dance workshops and Wendy at Jay's, that pretty much means I have had free reign of the place, which is nice. I've cleaned the kitchen and taken care of the trash, so sweeping and bathroom can be up to them, though.

The roommate situation is beginning to become strained. I did have a long ramble about it here but deleted it. Let's just say that Tara and Wendy are beginning to get to each other and I am watching over here in my little personal space, trying not to get involved.

Anyway, I think that's out of my system. Let's get onto nicer things. The cabaret is going on this weekend - I'm super excited! There's two performances of it, one on Saturday, one on Sunday, and I have two gorgeous dresses I'm planning to wear. The phone sex is going well and I'm thinking it will shape up to be an awesome show. Our finale is "Somebody To Love," by Queen, and the arrangement is taking some getting used to but all in all it's pretty rockin'. I have two wailing solos!

As for the next project in the Cabaret/Broadway class, we're putting up an actual show. Tuesday we audition for them - you will either be cast in "Hair," or in a little something called "Zombie Prom." I am going for Miss Strict, the principal, in "Zombie Prom," or anything in "Hair." The fact of the matter is, if worse comes to worse, if I end up in chorus, I want to be in the tribe, not a parent or something in ZP. And Miss Strict is a KILLER part. I am planning my course of attack as we speak. Scott is the co-director for that one too, but he is HIGHLY bi-partisan. I know I can't just walk in there and expect a part, let alone the part I want. I'm going to work for it and I'm wanting it, very badly.

Not that "Hair" is a pile of poo, mind you. I would give a limb to be in that. But I'm looking at my options here and going for what would show me off and fit me the best. And this part is...just divine. Cross your fingers for me, kids!

I'm off to memorize sides and possibly practice "Lament." *hugs you alllllllll*

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