Friday, February 13, 2009

The Results Are In...

And ladies and gentlemen, you are now the proud friends of the new Delilah Strict.


And OH what a part it is.

I got the script last night and I don't quite know how to explain this show to you. I mean, it is VERY 50's scifi movie cheesy - anything with a boy named Jonny becoming a nuclear zombie has to be pretty ridonkulous, right? But the sexual undertones at times have made my eyebrows raise in surprise a time or two. Nothing overt, but jusssst on the side of, "Wow, they actually went there," haha.

Anyway, this is going to be WAY too much fun. It's going to be a hard road, but it's going to be good. A big change from the last time I was at AMDA - not only is this the second attempt the school has done at full musicals rather than revues, but I have a more defined personality and a better concept of what will showcase me. When I was at AMDA right out of high school, I was very caught up in the concept that I didn't want to be the villain, or the character that didn't necessarily end up with the guy at the end. What can I say? I have image issues. If you dug deep enough, one of the reasons I went into acting in the first place was probably because I was lonely and wanted to be a pretty princess. When that's a subconscious thought and you keep getting cast as the person who gets the short end of the stick, it can bug you.

But as I've gotten older, I've realized just how silly it is to want nothing more than to be the ingenue, or the character everyone loves. Villains are FUN. Devious people kick ass. Who wouldn't want to be a brilliant mastermind? Granted, they usually don't win in the end, but the ride as a performer is just so rich and satisfying as compared to a character that has the character arc of a fern. When I saw the breakdown for Miss Strict, I didn't dick around - when the directors asked me where my sides were, I was able to say I memorized them. I had a solid audition song that not only fit the parameters of the directors' requests, but it showed off my voice well. I dressed the part without being too overt about it. I went in guns blazing for this part and it paid off. Damn that felt good.

Two of my friends are the characters of Toffee and Jonny - the zombie and the girl who loves him - and a guy from my cabaret class that is really sweet is playing my nemesis/ex-lover, Eddie Flagrante. There's a duet between the two of us that should be really fun (it even has a tango!) and a trio with me, Eddie and Jonny that I think might be my favorite song. I burned the music from the school library today, (Is that legal? Do I care?) and listened to it a couple times today, so I'm hoping to at least have a basic grip on the songs before we start learning them in rehearsal.

But before all that, this weekend is the cabaret - it's finally here! I have a few buds coming both nights, which is pretty awesome. It will make me feel better, I hope. I've got a few butterflies going just because this is my first time performing in Los Angeles, but the nerves aren't nearly as bad as they were when I sang in class the first time here - I was ready to bolt from the room or do anything I could to just not have to do it, haha. These are just performance jitters.

I finally get to see Michael and Sergine perform too, which I'm really excited about. They are the other two BFA Alums in the Musical Theatre program and I have been dying to see what they can do. Sergine sadly has to leave the program after this weekend - she is an Artistic Director back in Montreal, and her theater has encountered some issues with grants that she needs to deal with - so the whole thing will be a bittersweet performance. I'm going to miss her a lot. She is an altogether unique person to meet here and it's going to be impossible to forget about her anytime soon. But I'm still excited to see her and Michael perform, along with everyone else in the other class.

I've gotten to know Michael a lot more over the past week - we spent most of Wednesday hanging out in the cafe between classes because neither of us had anything else really to do - and he is definitely a surprise. Let me say this about Michael - when you first look at him, all you see is blonde hair, giant blue eyes and a smile that could kill Tom Cruise at a hundred paces. To say he is the epitome of what Los Angeles is looking for is an understatement. But he is a really sweet guy and really unsure of himself and it makes me want to squish him all up, even if it is like staring into a bright light when you look at him, haha.

Anyway, I've heard him sing only in small spurts through walls and down halls, but the boy has pipes. He has a pop/rock tenor that blows doors off and I can't wait to see what he does with the Stevie Wonder song he's doing. He's also my Jonny in ZP, and I'm surprised at how excited he is to work on it. He wasn't too excited about ZP, I think mostly because he is still really reserved in his performances it seems, but when I saw him after we found out he couldn't seem happier about it and we've been texting about it for the past two days.

I am hoping we can tape things for the cabaret. I've heard that the cabaret is being recorded by the school, but I don't know how we would go about getting copies of it or how I would upload my song onto the web. I'm bringing my camera and hopefully some video magic will go down this weekend. It's breaking my heart that you all can't be here with me, but I'm hoping these blogs are helping. I know they help me. And let's cross our fingers about the prospect of a video blog entry sometime in the near future!

Off to more horror movies and rehearsal!

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  1. aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you got it you got it you got it! *freaks out*

    I am so excited for you! That's amazing news!

    Here's a song to celebrate by that made me think of you when I gave it a listen last night: