Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rehearsal Regalia

So I had my first official rehearsal for "Zombie Prom" today, kids! And guess what I have for you, bad recording quality and all...


That's right! Click on that link and it will take you to a magical land where you can download my voice (along with Michael and Bryan's,) singing "Case Closed." I can't help but put a disclaimer on it and tell you that no, we are NOT cracking in the counterpoint, it's the wee tiny mic on my recorder spazzing cuz there are three gigantic voices and a piano all coming at it at once. If I can get a cleaner version of it done I will put it up, but for now I'm sending this into the ether for ya.

All in all it was good - I was super nervous because I wasn't used to belting that high, nor was I really warmed up to any extent, but once I got home tonight I made sure the notes felt solid. I'll work on it again tomorrow before I go for a grade.

My thoughts on the directors are...let's say the span a wide range of thoughts. They definitely know their shiz and I respect them both highly, I just wish I could find my comfort zone with them. I feel a lot of stress and pressure that I probably wouldn't have if I had already worked with them more (well Scott I have, but that was in private voice.) It's probably just feeling like I'm behind due to not doing anything last week and I want to have FUN being one of the leads, dammit! Hahaha.

Anyway, I think it's going to be an awesome show. Last week's songs "Jonny Don't Go To The Nuclear Plant," and "That's The Beat For Me," were fantastic and sound ten times better than the recordings. The stagings are adorable and hopefully I can get some of this all up on youtube (cross your fingers!)

And oh, I figured since I found some pics of them on Facebook, I'd show you the two guys I'm doing "Case Closed" with, (and these are thumbnails, since the last time I posted pics it was a fiasco...)


This is Bryan, he's playing Eddie Flagrante. Me, (Delilah Strict,) and Eddie had a hot and heavy romance awhile back and in this song we're seeing each other since the first time in years. He is the first voice you hear on the recording.


And this too-pretty-to-be-real boy is Michael, our Jonny Warner. He's gonna be neon green for most of the show. Something tells me he's still going to be ridiculously pretty even then. Don't hate him cuz he's beautiful, though. He is actually a really awesome guy. Hate him for his superb Rock-Pop Tenor. Yeah. It's sick.

Anyway, hasta manana! I gotta get my melody line drilled.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drive-By Cabaret Post

So the cabaret was a complete and total success.

I have pictures that I will soon be posting on Facebook, nothing too exciting though because we were unable to do photo or video during the show. SAD. But, the show was recorded on Sunday night, so once I have info on that I will let you know and hopefully find someone who could rip at least my performance off of it.

The first night...I WORE MY BLUE DRESS!!!Photobucket


Do I have pictures from the night that got taped? No. My eye makeup got CRAZY lookin' in the pics I took, so I got rid of those. But I didddd end having that one be the one that got taped, so you will see that soon.

The dress was not the highlight of my evening, though. The highlight of my evening was doing "Get 'em Laid's Lament," to riotous applause, only to then have "GENIUS!!!" screamed at me once the long applause died down. I was stunned and more than a little tongue-tied, to say the least.

I am also one of 3 gingers in the class, 4 when you count the teacher. So, in honor of that, we felt we needed to take a photograph of "Team Ginger" ...

Photobucket That's Amy (A girl who not only watches Buffy as much as I, but was able to spot James on my hot-boy folder,) Me, Bryan and then "Mama Ginge." I will not use her name here to protect the innocent. Amy sang the other parody of the evening, a song about how much she hates LA to "My Favorite Things," from "The Sound of Music," and Bryan sang this GORGEOUS song that was cut from "The Scarlet Pimpernel" called "There Never Was A Time." Graham, I would pay you money to either sing with this guy or have a little baritone baby with him. That child's voice would bring armies to its knees.

Photobucket Here is the token Asian, otherwise known as Eric. He sang "Something," by the Beatles, complete with playing his own intro. It was SICK. Boy has a tenor belt that makes you want to marry him.

And this strange child is Janay. Janay is fabulous. Janay wails like a champ and can put three key changes into "Shook Me All Night Long," by AC/DC. Janay is a goddess.

Everyone did an AMAZING job (I wish I had got pics with you all! I'm waiting to see Michelle's pics and whoever took pictures that weekend,) and that includes the other cabaret class as well. A guy sang "Feeling Good" so well I was certain I had moved dimensions, our resident Canadian, Sergine, sang a french song that was brilliant, a chick got up there and did some jazz (complete with riffing and scatting and finger snapping, can we say fierce?) and my baby boy Michael sang the SHITE out of Stevie Wonder's "Lately." All in all it was an exhausting and EXHILARATING weekend.

The whole experience has really, truly been a dream for me. Seriously, you do NOT know how terrified I was to even walk in that first day and sing. I haven't sang in front of people in YEARS. Not a whole song. Not by MYSELF. I didn't realize until I had to walk in that first day and got handed my syllabus that I would be actually performing in front of people again, let alone a classroom setting. With grades. And judgement.

To go from the near-paralyzing panic at that prospect to the sheer adrenaline I felt walking out on that stage and belting to god and back, getting such astounding applause, is unexplainable. I would have NEVER have gotten such a reaction way back when in the day. Without Scott, without the friends I have grown with and the people who support me and have supported me, I would never have gotten this to happen.

I'm without words.

Yeah, it was a little cabaret stage set up in the school cafe. But it was still a packed room, 150 at least each night, cheering and screaming for me. Appreciating my work, finding me afterward to thank me...all in the heart of LA. It shook me. It shook me down to the core. I can't even really explain what it did to me.

As soon as I stepped out there and sang to a "Twilight" book as a crazed fan, I knew this cabaret would be ok.

And speaking of that...I never posted the pictures, did I? To refresh your memories, for my first project in Cabaret class I was given the song "What'll I Do," which is a beautiful, haunting standard. We had to add our own twist to it, whether it be a change of style, a funny gimmick, whatever it may be. Wendy gave me the idea to do it as a crazy "Twilight" fan who is in love with the main vampire guy (Edward, sadly I know his name, RPattz you could sing to me for the rest of my life but I'm sorry you got involved in this,) and is singing to the book she just finished. Needless to say I have a lot of black, Tara had a copy of the first book and I was good to go.

Below are a few pictures I took of the finished product.



What? You can't see the crow makeup on the other side?


A little "Clockwork Orange," Alex-y look here


And then last but not least, a few 'bite marks' on my neck for the part when I sang "When I'm alone with only dreams of you, that won't come true, what'll I do."


Yes, I mocked the Twilight fans. I'm proud of it. Let's not discuss it, anyone who is a fan, because I wish to remain friends with you. It's like politics, or religion - I refuse to talk about it solely because people get emotionally invested in the debate, someone gets hurt and people are usually never the same again. Thus is the case with differing opinions on "Twilight."

Anyway, I will give you some Dealio about "Zombie Prom" as we get more into rehearsals - this week has mainly consisted of me and Michael (who plays Jonny, the zombie,) sitting alone while everyone else works on songs, helping the Stage Manager when he needs it and working on character analyses. The two songs they are working on this week have neither of us in it and we are appreciating the time to go over the material before we get thrown into the mix. This will probably be the ONLY time me or him will have any time off during this rehearsal process, since we're both in nearly every scene and/or song.

So that is all from me for tonight - It's WAY past my bedtime and I need to be functional for anatomy lab tomorrow. Night y'all!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Results Are In...

And ladies and gentlemen, you are now the proud friends of the new Delilah Strict.


And OH what a part it is.

I got the script last night and I don't quite know how to explain this show to you. I mean, it is VERY 50's scifi movie cheesy - anything with a boy named Jonny becoming a nuclear zombie has to be pretty ridonkulous, right? But the sexual undertones at times have made my eyebrows raise in surprise a time or two. Nothing overt, but jusssst on the side of, "Wow, they actually went there," haha.

Anyway, this is going to be WAY too much fun. It's going to be a hard road, but it's going to be good. A big change from the last time I was at AMDA - not only is this the second attempt the school has done at full musicals rather than revues, but I have a more defined personality and a better concept of what will showcase me. When I was at AMDA right out of high school, I was very caught up in the concept that I didn't want to be the villain, or the character that didn't necessarily end up with the guy at the end. What can I say? I have image issues. If you dug deep enough, one of the reasons I went into acting in the first place was probably because I was lonely and wanted to be a pretty princess. When that's a subconscious thought and you keep getting cast as the person who gets the short end of the stick, it can bug you.

But as I've gotten older, I've realized just how silly it is to want nothing more than to be the ingenue, or the character everyone loves. Villains are FUN. Devious people kick ass. Who wouldn't want to be a brilliant mastermind? Granted, they usually don't win in the end, but the ride as a performer is just so rich and satisfying as compared to a character that has the character arc of a fern. When I saw the breakdown for Miss Strict, I didn't dick around - when the directors asked me where my sides were, I was able to say I memorized them. I had a solid audition song that not only fit the parameters of the directors' requests, but it showed off my voice well. I dressed the part without being too overt about it. I went in guns blazing for this part and it paid off. Damn that felt good.

Two of my friends are the characters of Toffee and Jonny - the zombie and the girl who loves him - and a guy from my cabaret class that is really sweet is playing my nemesis/ex-lover, Eddie Flagrante. There's a duet between the two of us that should be really fun (it even has a tango!) and a trio with me, Eddie and Jonny that I think might be my favorite song. I burned the music from the school library today, (Is that legal? Do I care?) and listened to it a couple times today, so I'm hoping to at least have a basic grip on the songs before we start learning them in rehearsal.

But before all that, this weekend is the cabaret - it's finally here! I have a few buds coming both nights, which is pretty awesome. It will make me feel better, I hope. I've got a few butterflies going just because this is my first time performing in Los Angeles, but the nerves aren't nearly as bad as they were when I sang in class the first time here - I was ready to bolt from the room or do anything I could to just not have to do it, haha. These are just performance jitters.

I finally get to see Michael and Sergine perform too, which I'm really excited about. They are the other two BFA Alums in the Musical Theatre program and I have been dying to see what they can do. Sergine sadly has to leave the program after this weekend - she is an Artistic Director back in Montreal, and her theater has encountered some issues with grants that she needs to deal with - so the whole thing will be a bittersweet performance. I'm going to miss her a lot. She is an altogether unique person to meet here and it's going to be impossible to forget about her anytime soon. But I'm still excited to see her and Michael perform, along with everyone else in the other class.

I've gotten to know Michael a lot more over the past week - we spent most of Wednesday hanging out in the cafe between classes because neither of us had anything else really to do - and he is definitely a surprise. Let me say this about Michael - when you first look at him, all you see is blonde hair, giant blue eyes and a smile that could kill Tom Cruise at a hundred paces. To say he is the epitome of what Los Angeles is looking for is an understatement. But he is a really sweet guy and really unsure of himself and it makes me want to squish him all up, even if it is like staring into a bright light when you look at him, haha.

Anyway, I've heard him sing only in small spurts through walls and down halls, but the boy has pipes. He has a pop/rock tenor that blows doors off and I can't wait to see what he does with the Stevie Wonder song he's doing. He's also my Jonny in ZP, and I'm surprised at how excited he is to work on it. He wasn't too excited about ZP, I think mostly because he is still really reserved in his performances it seems, but when I saw him after we found out he couldn't seem happier about it and we've been texting about it for the past two days.

I am hoping we can tape things for the cabaret. I've heard that the cabaret is being recorded by the school, but I don't know how we would go about getting copies of it or how I would upload my song onto the web. I'm bringing my camera and hopefully some video magic will go down this weekend. It's breaking my heart that you all can't be here with me, but I'm hoping these blogs are helping. I know they help me. And let's cross our fingers about the prospect of a video blog entry sometime in the near future!

Off to more horror movies and rehearsal!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Audition, Or How I Fought To Improve My Day

So today was my auditions for "Zombie Prom" and "Hair." GOOD TIMES.

First, let me tell you a little bit of both of these shows. "Hair," or "HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical," is a musical from the 70's that is all about the peace movement during the Vietnam war. Basically the story goes like this (taken from wiki): The story of the "tribe", a group of politically active, long-haired, "Hippies of the Age of Aquarius" fighting against conscription to the Vietnam War and living a bohemian life together in New York City. Claude, his good friend Berger, their roommate Sheila and all their friends struggle to balance their young lives, loves and the sexual revolution with their pacifist rebellion against the war and the conservative impulses of their parents and society. Ultimately Claude must decide whether or not to resist the draft, as his friends have done.

Seriously, I've wanted to do this show since...man, 12? 13? I can't even remember. But I'm quickly moving out of the age range for the characters and this might very well be my last shot to do it. So would I like to be in the Tribe? Let me just say hell yes.

When I heard about these two shows, I thought there would be no question which one I'd rather do. But then I read the synopsis for "Zombie" and fell completely in love. There isn't a short snyopsis of this one on wiki, so bear with me on this: It's the 50's at Enrico Fermi High School (WOOT ITALIAN!ZOMBIE LOVE!) and Toffee, the 'Sandra Dee,' falls for Jonny, a good kid who happens to be from the wrong side of the tracks, underneath a school desk during an air raid. The Principal, Delilah Strict, doesn't like Jonny for some reason and neither do Toffee's parents, Toffee breaks up with Jonny, and Jonny commits suicide by hurling himself into the Francis Gary Powers Nuclear Power Plant. He is buried at sea in international waters with the rest of the nuclear waste.

You can see where that goes, yes? Not only is he a zombie, but he is a NUCLEAR ZOMBIE. So full of win.

The character I want ends up having a dark secret - on the night of her prom she had a tryst with a troublemaker very much like Jonny and ended up having a child. She gave him up for adoption. Guess who her baby is? YOU GUESSED IT. Her and Jonny make up at the prom, happily ever after, etc. etc., let the good times role and the cheesy b-movie horror plotline thrive.

So now you know why I want the principal so badly, haha. And if I don't get it, I will be SERIOUSLY bummed. Not only is it ridiculously over-the-top and hilarious, but it is the best character out of both shows to showcase me. And if I don't get it, I want the Tribe in Hair. No question.

Both auditions went well - In Hair they liked my version of "Aquarius," and my reading for Sheila, George and Berger's girlfriend. But Zombie Prom is where I hope I really wowed. I went in, sang the song Scott and I worked on once upon a time (he's the co-director,) and he goes "hmm...that's so familiar, I can't quite place it," and I laughed and said "I have no idea WHY it would." (The man was obsessed with me singing that song - he had me sing it nearly every voice lesson in NY just because he liked hearing it. There was no way I could have done anything other song for him.) They then had me read for the principal in two different scenes, one of which they used a lot of coaching. I hope I took the notes well and gave them what they wanted. I want this part SO bad.

Well, I think that's it for me. I'm freezing for some reason and go to bed for my long, long Wednesday. Sleep well, lovies!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's been awhile


So as I sit here, stomach slightly ill and the dishwasher running, I have found a moment to write to you all, my gentle readers. I have Buffy on (Season 1, old school - oh Angel you yummy bastard,) and the roomies are so far still out, so here we go.

This weekend I have stayed primarily to myself here, which has been nice. With Tara in the dance workshops and Wendy at Jay's, that pretty much means I have had free reign of the place, which is nice. I've cleaned the kitchen and taken care of the trash, so sweeping and bathroom can be up to them, though.

The roommate situation is beginning to become strained. I did have a long ramble about it here but deleted it. Let's just say that Tara and Wendy are beginning to get to each other and I am watching over here in my little personal space, trying not to get involved.

Anyway, I think that's out of my system. Let's get onto nicer things. The cabaret is going on this weekend - I'm super excited! There's two performances of it, one on Saturday, one on Sunday, and I have two gorgeous dresses I'm planning to wear. The phone sex is going well and I'm thinking it will shape up to be an awesome show. Our finale is "Somebody To Love," by Queen, and the arrangement is taking some getting used to but all in all it's pretty rockin'. I have two wailing solos!

As for the next project in the Cabaret/Broadway class, we're putting up an actual show. Tuesday we audition for them - you will either be cast in "Hair," or in a little something called "Zombie Prom." I am going for Miss Strict, the principal, in "Zombie Prom," or anything in "Hair." The fact of the matter is, if worse comes to worse, if I end up in chorus, I want to be in the tribe, not a parent or something in ZP. And Miss Strict is a KILLER part. I am planning my course of attack as we speak. Scott is the co-director for that one too, but he is HIGHLY bi-partisan. I know I can't just walk in there and expect a part, let alone the part I want. I'm going to work for it and I'm wanting it, very badly.

Not that "Hair" is a pile of poo, mind you. I would give a limb to be in that. But I'm looking at my options here and going for what would show me off and fit me the best. And this part is...just divine. Cross your fingers for me, kids!

I'm off to memorize sides and possibly practice "Lament." *hugs you alllllllll*

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Battle's Done, And We Kinda Won, So We Sound Our Victory Cheer


Yes indeed, fair readers, I am singing my song. I walked in, the teacher came up to me and said "Do it." I go "For Real?" And she just nodded and said "I think it's easier to apologize after the fact than to ask for permission."

That's my girl. I knew she had it in her.

She asked me to change one line and it's understandable, it's probably the grossest of the words left, so I am more than willing to work on that. It's taking some fancy footwork, but I'll get it handled.

The cabaret is in two weeks and I'm getting pretty excited. It's going to be my big AMDA unveiling and I hope I do it with a bang. I've invited my friends in the area and I'm sure my classmates will be there as well, so it should be awesome. Wendy might be appearing at said show drunk as hell (due to the fact Valentine's Day is her birthday and that weekend she plans on getting schmammered,) but it's a cabaret. The drunker the merrier.

There was some drama over the weekend, nothing to concern yourselves over too much, and now it's Sunday and I have done absolutely 100% nothing but what I'VE wanted to do, which is stellar. Friday I went out to a Wine Bar with Wendy to meet her man and Saturday was dedicated to being introduced to Melrose and watching "Repo! The Genetic Opera." To all those who love Rocky Horror, you have GOT to see this movie. Truly brilliant, outlandish, sick, and gorgeous. A must for anyone who is a friend of me.

As for Melrose, it wasn't what I expected. There were alot of trendy little shops with clothes I could never dream of fitting into, of course, but it was just as dirty as LA and I actually got some great deals on a few pieces of jewelry for the cabaret. I got these rhinestone chandelier earring and a matching ring nearly the size of half my finger for 5 bucks. Score!

I also visited a store Tonya informed me about before I left called "Necromance." Basically, if you go to the website, you get the gist of the place. It's a very weird store specializing in the oddity and the curious, from insect candy and a coinpurse made from a frog to 18th century medical equipment. It was incredibly interesting. It was relatively small, but I probably spent nearly 45 minutes wandering around in it. I got Tonya a thing or two there (which I can't tell you about yet since she is very loyal about reading this - HA HA TONYA HA HA!!!) and I got myself a ring carved entirely from a seashell. It's gorgeous and dramatic and extremely cool.

So, after watching "Repo!" with Xee and Vamps, eating Thai after the grossest scene and playing Mario Kart, I came home and passed our dead cold here. I have so far today:

1. Laid in bed
2. Watched a commentary on "Repo!"
3. Talked to my mom
4. Dropped off my laundry because my ankle is too angry to plod back and forth like that all day
5. Ate a heavenly burrito
6. Wrote a little bit on a story I'm working on.

I say not too bad for a Sunday afternoon. Soon Wendy and Tara will be heading back I'm sure and then we shall discuss some of the drama that unfolded I'm sure. But until then, I am not moving from this bed.

Peace out yall,