Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drive-By Cabaret Post

So the cabaret was a complete and total success.

I have pictures that I will soon be posting on Facebook, nothing too exciting though because we were unable to do photo or video during the show. SAD. But, the show was recorded on Sunday night, so once I have info on that I will let you know and hopefully find someone who could rip at least my performance off of it.

The first night...I WORE MY BLUE DRESS!!!Photobucket


Do I have pictures from the night that got taped? No. My eye makeup got CRAZY lookin' in the pics I took, so I got rid of those. But I didddd end having that one be the one that got taped, so you will see that soon.

The dress was not the highlight of my evening, though. The highlight of my evening was doing "Get 'em Laid's Lament," to riotous applause, only to then have "GENIUS!!!" screamed at me once the long applause died down. I was stunned and more than a little tongue-tied, to say the least.

I am also one of 3 gingers in the class, 4 when you count the teacher. So, in honor of that, we felt we needed to take a photograph of "Team Ginger" ...

Photobucket That's Amy (A girl who not only watches Buffy as much as I, but was able to spot James on my hot-boy folder,) Me, Bryan and then "Mama Ginge." I will not use her name here to protect the innocent. Amy sang the other parody of the evening, a song about how much she hates LA to "My Favorite Things," from "The Sound of Music," and Bryan sang this GORGEOUS song that was cut from "The Scarlet Pimpernel" called "There Never Was A Time." Graham, I would pay you money to either sing with this guy or have a little baritone baby with him. That child's voice would bring armies to its knees.

Photobucket Here is the token Asian, otherwise known as Eric. He sang "Something," by the Beatles, complete with playing his own intro. It was SICK. Boy has a tenor belt that makes you want to marry him.

And this strange child is Janay. Janay is fabulous. Janay wails like a champ and can put three key changes into "Shook Me All Night Long," by AC/DC. Janay is a goddess.

Everyone did an AMAZING job (I wish I had got pics with you all! I'm waiting to see Michelle's pics and whoever took pictures that weekend,) and that includes the other cabaret class as well. A guy sang "Feeling Good" so well I was certain I had moved dimensions, our resident Canadian, Sergine, sang a french song that was brilliant, a chick got up there and did some jazz (complete with riffing and scatting and finger snapping, can we say fierce?) and my baby boy Michael sang the SHITE out of Stevie Wonder's "Lately." All in all it was an exhausting and EXHILARATING weekend.

The whole experience has really, truly been a dream for me. Seriously, you do NOT know how terrified I was to even walk in that first day and sing. I haven't sang in front of people in YEARS. Not a whole song. Not by MYSELF. I didn't realize until I had to walk in that first day and got handed my syllabus that I would be actually performing in front of people again, let alone a classroom setting. With grades. And judgement.

To go from the near-paralyzing panic at that prospect to the sheer adrenaline I felt walking out on that stage and belting to god and back, getting such astounding applause, is unexplainable. I would have NEVER have gotten such a reaction way back when in the day. Without Scott, without the friends I have grown with and the people who support me and have supported me, I would never have gotten this to happen.

I'm without words.

Yeah, it was a little cabaret stage set up in the school cafe. But it was still a packed room, 150 at least each night, cheering and screaming for me. Appreciating my work, finding me afterward to thank me...all in the heart of LA. It shook me. It shook me down to the core. I can't even really explain what it did to me.

As soon as I stepped out there and sang to a "Twilight" book as a crazed fan, I knew this cabaret would be ok.

And speaking of that...I never posted the pictures, did I? To refresh your memories, for my first project in Cabaret class I was given the song "What'll I Do," which is a beautiful, haunting standard. We had to add our own twist to it, whether it be a change of style, a funny gimmick, whatever it may be. Wendy gave me the idea to do it as a crazy "Twilight" fan who is in love with the main vampire guy (Edward, sadly I know his name, RPattz you could sing to me for the rest of my life but I'm sorry you got involved in this,) and is singing to the book she just finished. Needless to say I have a lot of black, Tara had a copy of the first book and I was good to go.

Below are a few pictures I took of the finished product.



What? You can't see the crow makeup on the other side?


A little "Clockwork Orange," Alex-y look here


And then last but not least, a few 'bite marks' on my neck for the part when I sang "When I'm alone with only dreams of you, that won't come true, what'll I do."


Yes, I mocked the Twilight fans. I'm proud of it. Let's not discuss it, anyone who is a fan, because I wish to remain friends with you. It's like politics, or religion - I refuse to talk about it solely because people get emotionally invested in the debate, someone gets hurt and people are usually never the same again. Thus is the case with differing opinions on "Twilight."

Anyway, I will give you some Dealio about "Zombie Prom" as we get more into rehearsals - this week has mainly consisted of me and Michael (who plays Jonny, the zombie,) sitting alone while everyone else works on songs, helping the Stage Manager when he needs it and working on character analyses. The two songs they are working on this week have neither of us in it and we are appreciating the time to go over the material before we get thrown into the mix. This will probably be the ONLY time me or him will have any time off during this rehearsal process, since we're both in nearly every scene and/or song.

So that is all from me for tonight - It's WAY past my bedtime and I need to be functional for anatomy lab tomorrow. Night y'all!!!

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