Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From Amidst The Chaos, A Figure Appears...

Hello all. It's been awhile, has it not?

Well, let me tell you, things are busy, busy, busy. Excuse me if I'm a little nonsensical as I write this, it's been a LONG two weeks.

So, as some of you know, it was Midterms last week. They aren't entirely done yet, but the blunt end has passed in terms of sheer amount of work. I still have quite a lot going on, but for some reason now that I know that midterms are done I can seem to lay back and breathe. As for how I'm doing, I'm doing pretty damn good so far. I have an A in English, pretty sure an A even in Anatomy, (ANATOMY people,) and I got an A on the Cabaret class, which was more or less an early midterm. Besides Greco/Roman, the other classes don't have a midterm of sorts. Greco's midterm wraps up next week, just because half of the grade is based on a greek monologue of our choosing, and workshopping everyone in the class one by one is taking awhile.

I'm enjoying all of my classes, but I'm trying not to freak. My anxiety has been running rampant the last few weeks, probably because of stress. I still lack a job, so that along with money is constantly on my mind. I'm definitely starting to feel the lack of sleep - I'm still getting 6 hours at least, but every other morning (at least,) has me crawling out of bed and seriously considering skipping just to sleep in. So far, I haven't done it. But tonight I'm a little jazzed, so we'll see how much sleep I actually get.

My OCD has been getting bad too, basically the whole "I can't think that kind of thought, because then something, I can't say that, because something bad will happen," sort of thing. It's bugging me, but I hope that it will chill out now that I'm through midterms and all. Let's all pray that it doesn't stick around or god forbid get worse.

The roommate situation exploded and Wendy has officially taken steps to move out. I am totally fine with that. Me and her were able to have a rational conversation about it and basically, to save everyone's sanity, we think it is best that she leaves this room. Her and Tara are a volatile pair, two stubborn minds that clash titan-style on a regular basis. Mix in both living together and having all their classes together, and you get an ugly product. I'm sad that it has come to this, both of the are avoiding each other like the plague and I fear being dragged in again, but what needs to be done needs to be done.

Some really nice things have happened due to Wendy moving out, though - the biggest being the TV, literally. You see, the TV we had was Wendy's and it was one of the first thing she moved out. So, for the past two days, we have been TV-less in the room. No big hardship really, but it is nice to watch a dvd or play a video game when you have some free time. Her TV was a pretty small screen, but had a dvd player built into the flatscreen so it was a pretty cool little thing. Me and Tara went on Craig's List and she found a TV for $25 bucks, and her and Patrick went to pick it up tonight. It is HUGE and great and wonderful n YAY!

I also got a care package from my parents. Two, to be exact. Two boxes, FILLED with food, canned stuff to spices to packaged meals and chocolate. Just...I was speechless. They are so strapped for cash, we all are, but they went all out for me. I am totally flabbergasted. I cannot be thankful for them enough. Truly, I want to give my parents the world. They deserve so much.

They also put some other things in here - my dad got a dvd burner, so he recorded a BUNCH of stuff onto dvds for me from the dvr. I have all the episodes of "Leverage" that I've missed, even some "True Blood" and "Doctor Who." Of course, the first dvd I put in to watch on my big TV was the episode of "Numb3rs" that James Marsters was in. Bad, bad boy, murdering his girlfriend with that light English accent...god bless that man. He can do such brilliant things to me.

"Zombie Prom" is going, albeit slow. The rate of rehearsal when we're there is fine, but the fact that we have four days off before the next rehearsal is frustrating. There is rehearsing on your own, yes, but that only goes so far. And if you're in a group number, good luck getting everyone together. It's just frustrating. Last week my trio number got graded while both me and Michael were sick and we hadn't been able to rehearse over the weekend. It was a mess. I learned my duet with Brian today and I'm Really hoping he's more into rehearsal than he was for the trio. There's quite a bit more physical activity and I want to get it down so I can just have it in my body and not have to worry about it. I'm sure it will be fine.

Well, I'm running out of gas on this. And I have to try and push myself to get up and through an Anatomy lab tomorrow, so I better get to bed. WHY do they do the physical stuff so early in the day?

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