Sunday, January 25, 2009

No Longer Reaching Critical Levels...

So yeah, sorry about that.

Needless to say I was kidnapped to Long Beach by Vamps and I feel much better now. Laid around, slept alot, saw a movie, it was good times. Now, ONTO THE FUN STUFF!

So, my friend Tim is a cankerous whore and did not inform me that he was on the road crew for Jeff Dunham until...oh, about a week until I moved out here. But, as a 'going away/coming to LA' present, he got me into a sold out show of Jeff's out here in LA last weekend. Did I shit bricks? Indeed I did. Fun was had, to say the very, very least.

The thing was so sold out (besides it being Jeff, it was a hometown show for him,) that me and Tara got to sit in the sound booth they had constructed in the middle of the ampitheater with Tim and the light and sound guys. The lighting guy totally had it bad for Tara once she started talking about video games and all in all it was an awesome evening. Not only was Jeff hilarious and I got to see Peanut and Achmed live, but being a cool 'in' person sitting with the crew was kick ass. I was chillin' on a load-box for the whole thing and I was flying on cloud nine.

The opening act was "Guitar Guy," from the Christmas special, aka Brian Haner. That man can tear UP a guitar. He was f-ing awesome. Not only was he funny and can play just about any kind of music, he plays behind his head. And I'm not talking flinging it back there, playing a few chords and swinging it back around, I mean the man took a very deliberate moment to put it behind his head, played almost an entire song like that with the guitar facing us, and then turned back around. I was in awe.

I grabbed a tshirt from the tshirt cannons at the end and gave it to Tara, because the girl is very green to things like this. She was so psyched to see Jeff because she's a huge fan, but was also amazed because she'd never been to a concert before. The more I'm getting to know her the more I am understanding her sheltered, conservative upbringing. Anyway, that was a definite capper to her evening.

The next day I went and met Tim, along with some of his buddies on the tour, and we walked all the way from his hotel on Sunset to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium. Needless to say it was a hot day and I was glad I wore my sneakers rather than shoes that would look cute with my outfit. It was so good to see Tim - he's a good guy and I have missed him alot since I stopped doing haunted houses last year. And I knew that if anyone would go to the Ripley's museum with me, it would be Tim, haha.

We kind of lost the others along the way - they were wanting to shop and the mall is killer, I have to say - and so it was just me and him for the museum. There is some CRAZY stuff in there. After beating Tim in a whack-a-mole experiment, we saw wax models of the Emperor of America, an actual vampire hunter kit from the 1800's, a 5-legged calf, an actual shrunken head, a sculpture made of buttons, a full-size portrait of John Wayne made out of was weird. It was definitely cheesy, although I am sure it was horrific and insane way back when. But I think we got our money's worth and is certainly a good definitive point of Los Angeles. You know when you're in LA when you are walking by a man with 4 pupils.

The roommate sitch is...interesting. Tara definitely is cool to an extent, but I am still pretty certain that if I spent much more time with her than I do I would be ready to strangle her. My proof of this is Wendy - she has all her classes with her since they are both in the Studio Program and Wendy is much more intolerant when she's been spending the nights here, which isn't alot. Her and her boy are new and excited, so every spare moment is spent together. It's cute, I just hope it doesn't hurt her grades. Then again, it's not my grades, so whatever, but she is still a friend and I want her to do well and all, you know? But she is keeping up, even if it is by the skin of her teeth from time to time. And I COMPLETELY understand the need to get away and have real world time.

I'm chillin' out alone tonight in the dorm tonight - both the roomies are off with their SOs - and I am watching "Serenity," trying to figure out what to do next in terms of homework. The presentation for tomorrow is taken care of, my essay is printed out, my anatomy is done and I still need to work on my Improv journal, my Cabaret performance and submissions for the name and finale song of the evening, and memorize my commercial sides. I should sleep, but I'm not seeing that in the cards just yet cuz I'm more or less not tired. This weekend really helped get me back from off the ledge and I'm holding it together, guys. I'm just still trying to fit myself in here.

Miss you all, so so much. Be good, kids!

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