Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Day Down!

Tonight is the first night that the internet has gone down. I went out for dinner with a friend of mine assuming it would be up before I came back, but no luck. So now, I am writing my memoir here on Notepad, nursing my poor blistered feet and nearly chomping at the bit to tell you about my day.

In all honestness, the classes themselves were not all that thrilling. I had Kinetic Anatomy and English Composition today, both I'm pretty well versed in already. Both the teachers are actors by trade, one has been teaching in college for decades and they're both a lot of fun so far. The anatomy teacher, Tim, is a bit of a hottie. He's a hottie in a strange way, though - he reminds me of Ryan Stiles, which takes about 50 points off his overall total. But he is a stuntman and martial artist and you can tell he has the kind of muscles that make him look lanky but really could probably end up killing any person within 50 feet. He's very chill and relaxed, and the anatomy isn't nearly as strenuous it seems. We're using a book I had for Massage Therapy, though - The Anatomy Coloring Book. I kid you not. It is a book thicker than some texts I've had to buy filled with intricately detailed pictures you have to color by the numbers. It's something used by many, many colleges because it helps you categorize and memorize the concepts and terms in your head. Today we did the planes of the body - I can't wait to break out the colored pencils!

The English Comp teacher is the one who has been teaching for awhile. He actually got his Master's from Yale in acting, so when he puts his mind to it he much be one sick performer. But as he is now, he is a funny little weirdo of a guy. His jokes are lame, a slight bit on the side of being off-color, and he winks a whole crap of a lot. But he seems to be determined to make the dry material we are going into as fun as possible and I cannot thank him enough for it. We started with a Grammar Diagnostic Test that we did in groups and then moved onto interviewing a person in the class via a set of questions we were given. Whoever did the best (which came up in a 3/3-way tie, how crazy!) got cookies, and then he hearkened the basic framework of an essay to preparing for a performance. The writer is the actor, a paragraph is a scene, etc. I thought that was a cute little thing.

Once we were done with the interviews he informed us that the answers were now officially the outline for our first essay. We pick a topic that our partner answered, do a real simple 5 paragraph essay on it and that would be it. I had interviewed a boy named Anton. He's 18 and in his first semester. We have about 3 of those mingled with us in the English Comp class. I'm not sure what I'm going to choose, because he gave me alot, but I am so glad that the worst is over. I hate dealing with topics for a college english class.

Now, for the big news. I have found God, my friends. I have found him. Yes, after all these years, all my questions of faith have been answered. Yes, indeed Jesus Christ showed himself to me today and I bowed before him.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered Pinkberry.

I can't even express to you how good it was - I got the original flavored soft-serve which is lightly tart, like lemon, with fresh pomegranate, carob chips and granola. I about DIED on the first nibble. It was just...wow. Haha.

Wendy got the Green Tea flavored with fresh kiwi and these chewy Japanese rice cubes in it. They were so sweet and so perfect and UNGHHHHHH. So good. All must come to know Pinkberry. You will be home, my brothers and sisters. I am preaching the word of the lord to you. Pinkberry will indeed save your soul.

I also went out to dinner with Scott tonight. Scott is my voice teacher from out in NY who now teaches in LA at AMDA. To say that is weird is an understatement, because the boy had no real care or ties to the place in NY, nor did I meet him until years after AMDA. But he actually has helped create a class here in the BFA program for Musical Theatre and I am so excited to see him again. We went out and it was seriously just like old times, save for the utter LACK of him checking his hair in any available reflective service, lol.

He took me to an awesome place called "The Waffle," which is exactly what you think. It is LA's answer to Waffle House. It has a wine list, baked mac and cheese and yes indeed, waffles. But not only can you get a standard waffle, there is also a Jalpeno one, an Applewood Smoked Bacon one, even a Gluten-Free one (can you believe it, Tonya?) There is even waffles for your dog - called "Woofles." It was insane and oh so funny for me, I never wanted to leave the swankness that was The Waffle.

We then finished out the evening getting dessert at the Real deal and king of late-night food, Denny's. I was way too excited to go, let me tell you. To say I missed Denny's is to say that Pinkberry is not indeed the second coming. So tonight I did indeed hit Waffle House and Denny's in one night.

Tomorrow is TV Genre and Cabaret/Broadway, so that should be fun. Considering the time, I should get to bed, but I wanted to make sure I told you all there stories before I forgot. Have a good night's sleep all!

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