Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Counting Down...

So I'm all packed up, more or less - I've gotten my room pretty much squared away save for vacuuming and maybe a little dusting...and I'm sitting here with my thoughts. Never a good thing.

I cried for my first time tonight since Alice's strike tonight. I'm going to miss my parents alot, but besides that I'm going to miss the familiarity that comes with this apartment and the glory and wonder that is Columbus, Ohio. Am I going anywhere here? No. Am I getting anything done here besides adding to my waistline? Not really. But it's home, it's always been home and as much as it can make me insane here, I will miss it. And I know, I know, it isn't forever, but it's still hard to think that in 48 hours, I won't be living here anymore.

Anyway, let's get off that emo bit I had to lance (thanks T-Dawg for putting that phrase in my head at dinner tonight, haha) let's talk about updates. It seems I am not moving into that killer dorm I posted a vid of the other day:( The woe is endless. Especially because I am now in the Vine dorms, which I hear is "......ok." Considering the people who say this also said that "they have cable, which is nice I guess," I think it isn't as horrific as they are saying. In fact, me and my roommate were talking yesterday and it seems that the LA kids have got it nice all over.

I found a pic of what perhaps might be the Vine rooms, since they say the rooms are smaller and much more like "dorm life." All the caption on the picture said was "Inside Campus Housing," so I don't know what you're looking at here. But here it is...


I lovvvvve the curtains - I don't know if they are permanent or added by the people living there, but the rods bolted into the ceiling make them seem kind of official. And like I said before, if this is what I have to look forward to, sign me up.

I also have a new roommate. As I have said on here before, at the Franklin dorms I was going to be with two girls, both of whom looked to be about 20 and from different countries. I was worried that we wouldn't get along because they would be so much younger than me and what not, etc., etc. That also made me worry about my classes - if I am in a class of 6 people, with at least 2 of them being in their late teens/early twenties, what are the chances of the other 3 being even close to my age? The anxiety mounts...

Anyway, with the new dorms comes a new roommate. Her name is Wendy and she is 25, went to AMDA NY the first time around and is going for the BFA acting program in LA rather than the Musical Theatre. She did Musical Theatre in NY and wants to focus more on the classical and stage combat for the rest of it. She is an Eddie Izzard fan, worked at Torrid once upon a time and listens to The Dresden Dolls, Kidneythieves and 30 Seconds To Mars. This chick looks promising. I talked to her yesterday for about 30 minutes or so and besides the awkward air of "I don't know you from Adam," I think we got along great. She was worried about the age thing as well, not to mention having a younger roommate. She also lived in the Strat in NY, if that means anything to anyone reading this blog, so needless to say we bonded over rooms that barely fit a bed and roaches along with our moment of understanding over the eternally gorgeous Jared Leto.

I guess I got moved because of some mixups and such - one of the girls was in her last semster of the BFA program so not only would she be gone soon, but would be doing most of her work at night, and there was a 3rd girl who originally wasn't going to return that decided to come back. I am totally ok with the change, and I really, REALLY hope me and Wendy mesh.

Oh, and she will have her car there! Score.

Anyway, how am I feeling tonight about the move? Overall I'm feeling very good. Tonight as I was packing my carryon I discovered a pen at the bottom - a pen from the Hotel Beacon, the hotel me and my parents stayed in when I first arrived in NY for AMDA. I have used this backpack for years, and somehow this pen has gone completely unnoticed for 8 and a half years at the bottom of it. Through moving and tours, through classes and vacations, this thing has somehow travelled with me completely unnoticed, but always there. It looks like I picked it up yesterday.

How it has remained hidden this long I'll never know. I've washed this backpack many times and cleaned it out completely more than a few, but I am not worrying too much over it. I'm taking this as a sign, a good one, one of support and progress. A reminder to not forget the past, but to carry it with me and take what I need from it, not to dwell on it. A little token to remind me I am not alone, I'm not new to the world, and that I have gotten this far.

The pen is sitting by me now. And I am going to take Graham's advice - I'm going to save the first pen I come across once I reach LA. Or at least pick it up - whether it stays with me on my journey is the universe's decision.

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