Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And So It Begins.

Ok, so I know I'm fat.

I'm ok with that. Well, ok in the sense that I'd rather be fat than dead. Which was EXACTLY where I was headed when I left New York all those years ago. Would I like to lose weight? Sure. But solely for the sake of my own personal care. Not. For anyone else.

My biggest beef with what happened today is simply the shallowness of the profession I'm in. I'm not upset with the teacher, nor with myself, nor with any one particular person. I'm just pissed at the state of things in general and the state they have always been in.

Today in TV genre, I got a packet of commercial sides, (aka scripts,) and I knew which one I was going to be asked to do. The one for the character actress, the weird, wacky, non-sexual part. It was the one I wanted, to be honest. We weren't dealing with Shakespeare here and it was the most appealing to my sense of humor. But as soon as the teacher began to break them down and he said that this side was perfect for "Women of a Different Size," I knew that I'd be rubbed the wrong way.

And I was. As soon as he got to me, where everyone got 2 or 3 different sides, I only got the weird one. I would "Knock it out of the park." Would I? Of course I would. The woman who I'd be playing is borderline psychopathic. But do I really have to be pigeonholed like that? Seriously?

The sad thing is yes. But I didn't get typed for a whole week, so I guess that's a plus.

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