Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Night In The Convent

Before I wrap up our adventures on the road, I had to do something special.  See, despite Loki dragging me out in the snow, sleet and blazing heat, there was a larger reason we were seeing the country that he often forgot - that I was out on my first national equity tour, which was the First National North American Tour of "Sister Act: The Musical."

Sure, the food was...digestible sometimes...

And the fashions were questionable...

All in all, it was a spiritual experience.

Loki learned many things, like how to play an instrument larger than himself,

And how to take direction from the musical director,

Not to mention how to answer a phone and other basic administrative tasks.

Yes, office life seemed to suit him.  He enjoyed the plant life...

...and also the decor.

Loki also found it important to catch himself up on one of the world's most controversial and favored religions, to see what he was up against.

Sure, he's a god and all, but is he mentioned in any of these church hymnals?

I think not.

But through this research, he learned the value of charity.

I even think he learned the value of humility, as I saw him at Curtis' club, taking drink orders.

I don't think the humility stuck, though.  You can't teach a millenia-old dog new tricks.

The Lokester did in fact enjoy the "oldies" of our time, and the brightly colored house it inhabited...

It was lovely to see him make new friends to keep in touch with once the tour was done and the non-equity peeps took over.

Penny the Penguin, you will be missed.

Freddy, on the other hand, seems to have followed us home...

Which made for an uncomfortable couple nights of sleep when I first got back.  But I'm not Frigga, I can't screen his friends.

All in all, it was an amazing experience.  Loki was not able to deter from the fact that this, all of this, from the basement to the rafters of every theater we played, was something I will cherish and not easily forget.  Thank you for making me part of your "Sister Act" family, and for changing my life.

Thanks.  Thanks Loki for reminding me.  Being your bitch is my life.


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