Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On my way!

Well, I'm going to give this a shot.

I tend to be a bit of a sporatic blogger, mostly because I think of fun things to tell people when I am nowhere near a computer and then, once I get to one, I either don't have a single shred of recollection of said thing or I just don't feel like it anymore.

But I've made good friends over the years since I returned to Ohio and I still miss my New York friends like mad. And now that I'm heading off to the complete opposite coast...well, I wanted to see if I couldn't at least see if I could get a personal blog going again.

I can't promise constant updating, or even interesting updating sometimes. This might be somewhere I come to squee or to vent, who knows. But we're in this together, right?

So thanks for trying this out with me. Hopefully we can both keep up with each other and things will be right as rain. I gotta tell you, though, I'm a little paranoid. As Casey could tell you, (since she gets to know all my deep dark nueroses,) I have this thing about talking about something before it happens. It's why I was and remain to be pretty clammed up about this whole LA thing. I'm afraid that if I talk about it before it happens, that somehow it will all go tits up and fall apart before my very eyes. My girlfriend would simply look at me and shake her head, say 'silly girl,' and move on. I try to follow that kind of thought pattern - it's a nicer place to live. So here I am, talking about this before I'm officially in my dorm room at AMDA, getting prepared for the next step in my life.

Am I scared? Hell yes. Am I excited? No DOUBT. Am I sad to be leaving you all, or moving even farther away? So much I can't express.

But you know when things begin moving, all at once and seemingly out of nowhere, when things that don't seem to have any real connection to one another begin to slide into place and you're left staring with a whole new path you'd never imagined laid out before you? Yeah, that's kind of what has happened to me. OSU wasn't working, my job let me go and my first big audition in years landed me in the middle of the West Virginia mountains with no cell service and no civilization to help me get home. (That last bit would be a blog entry all on its own, trust me - the cops even got involved.)

So here I am, moving to a city I never dreamed of living, or even wanted to live (because seriously, a girl like me living in the land of skinny blonde perfection? Yeah, exactly where I want to be,) finally going for my BFA and getting to do it at AMDA no less. I'll be taking classes like 'Finance For The Actor' for my math, a dialect class (which is something I've been searching for since I was 15,) some film classes, some pop/r&b voice classes...I can't wait.

It's about a year-long program and it's still for Musical Theatre. Beyond that...I can't really think of anything else at the moment, it's getting late, haha.

So I guess I will wrap this up, welcome you once again to my blog and hope to see you real soon!!!

*hugs n stuff*

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