Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pizza With Pauley and the Pachyderms!

So this post is not as big as normal posts.  That's because me and Loki were too busy MEETING ELEPHANTS.

Thanks to my amazing friend Aly and her family, we got to visit the LA Zoo after hours to have Pizza with the Pachyderms!  We even got to meet them up close and personal.

Not too close, as this big boy can get grumpy from time to time.  Since he is a bull, aka a male elephant, we met him separately from the females, who loved to show off and get their toes done.

Loki tried to get as close as possible, but they insisted he stay back.  After all, he could get stepped on and squished.

The LA Zoo's Elephants of Asia exhibit is amazing.  They have several environments with all sorts of amenities that I would personally love to have - waterfalls, pools, leafy tropical shade, the works.  After we met them, we got to check out their indoor accommodations, and got a real bird's eye view during dinner...

They munched with us, although they didn't have pizza.  They were much healthier with their food choices.

Truly, it was an incredible experience and one I am truly grateful for.  These creatures are so gentle and playful, and hopefully their maternity room will be put to good use one day!  These animals are disappearing more and more each day, and we need to both protect and care for these precious pachyderms.

Oh, we also have Pizza with the Pachyderms and Pauley Perrette, did I mention that?  Abby from "NCIS?"  Did I mention that?

Well now you know.  Also try to say "Pizza and the Pachyderms with Pauley Perrette" 3 times fast.  Just go on.  I'll wait.

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