Friday, February 14, 2014

Spendin' the Day in Dayton (Or Week in Weekton...)


Well, kinda.

Yup, sadly the show isn't hitting Columbus.  But it DID hit Dayton!  And what a welcome it was.

The genuinely most exciting thing about it was my parents got to see me perform.  Not only is this show a big deal to me, but my parents haven't gotten to see me in a show since I moved to LA.  That's daft.

Also, a had a slew of people come see me!  Tonya, Debbie, Debra, Chris and Steve and Aunt Kim!  It was so, so thrilling to share this with you.  So glad you were able to make it.  A lot of people don't quite understand why I do this, but I hope some of you get it now.

Loki, however, had bigger fish to freeze than me performing in my home state.  Surprise, surprise.

(Dramatic lighting brought to you by the wall-mounted book lights in the hotel room.)
"This journey, although enlightening, is becoming tedious.  I must bring forth action.  I need to become more visible to my people!"
"Well Lokes, how 'bout this place?  They at least seem jovial here, if not emotionally unstable..."
"The Happy...Hormone...Cottage."
"Sure man, why not?  One look at your smokin' hot bod and they'd kneel for sure.  Or carve your heart out with a spoon.  Not sure which."
"As much as I know you would like to be rid of me, Slip of Hay, I have bigger plans.  You are going to be on the city's plasma screens, are you not?"
"Uh, you mean TV?  Yeah, why..."

"I believe I shall be accompanying you."

So we headed off to Dayton's finest to talk about my life on the road.  It was surreal.  If I told 5 year-old me "Hey, Stepplehaney, you're gonna be on TV talking about how you're touring the country in a broadway show!"  5 year-old me would...probably have been traumatized and haunted by night terrors throughout her formative years.
When we reached our destination, Loki was overjoyed.  There were so many cameras!  So many lights!  His foray into local television newscasts was his for the taking.  He would dominate the weather...


There was even a green screen to track his progress of world domination.

He would tug at our heartstrings with warm fuzzy fluff pieces...

"Today on Loki Live, the heartwarming tale of how my brother saved me when I fell off the Rainbow Bridge.  WAIT..."

Even the hard-hitting headlines were no match for him.

"Tonight on Channel 2 News, I describe in detail what will befall you all if you do not submit to my excellence.  Also, I ask you the question, "Is this not simpler?"

Yes, Dayton had no choice but to fall under Loki's intense charisma and charm.  If you can call it that.

They even gave us a delicious chocolate sugar cookie in honor of his newfound reign.

(Cookie care of "Just A Girl Bakes."  Seriously, look them up.  Delicious, beautiful and all by hand!)
He did hear about a few rebels fighting back against his rule, but he nipped that in the bud quite quickly.

He showed pity upon this poor girl who had grown a beard, though...turns out the ice giant has a soft spot for miserable children.  Who knew?
In Dayton, Loki also found his Happy Place.  Ain't that a relief.
If it had a random mannequin nipple in it...
All the better.
It was so sad to say bye to my parents and friends, but I am blessed to have seen them more in the past 2 months than I usually do in a year.  We also had to say goodbye to three amazing cast members, one of which being the amazing Ernie P., who has had his own photoblog while he has toured with Sister Act.  On Sunday night, our last night in Dayton, we sent the caveman and Ernie off with a bang as we passed the torch to Loki's adventures.

Happy Trails, Ernie.  We miss you.

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