Thursday, January 30, 2014

Melty, Cheesy Goodness...

Madison.  Where I ate no cheese and sit on a throne of lies.
Not quite.  They have a guy SURFING on this T-Shirt.  Now let's take a look at Madison, WI...
I ain't surfing nowhere.
Here's the kicker: I didn't care.  Madison, Wisconsin, is probably the coolest place I've been yet.  I could happily retire here.  They are super cool and progressive, have Rocky Horror on Saturdays, and drink specials that are both priced and named to perfection.  This, for instance, is a "Honey Badger..."
It was made with Honey Bourbon and Angel's Laughter.  It tasted like honest-to-god apple cider.  So, so delicious and dangerous.  We also had drinks named "Ginger and the Skipper Too," "Blubalicious," and "Smurfette's Revenge."  All amazing.  Needless to say, I drank the most I have on tour here.
Seriously though guys, I never thought Loki and I would have so much fun here, but it was a blast despite the freezing temperatures.  Loki of course couldn't get enough, being a Jotun and all, but he even found several reasons why he wanted to personally overtake this city above all others.
"They know how to honor their liberators!"
"They know when to give up hope!"
"I mean look at this place, beautiful as it is, they are nothing but confused!  They need my guidance."
"They don't even know how to handle their livestock, they simply paint and leave it to DIE."
"At least they know how to welcome my attendant."
He also was pleased that Madison knew how to feed someone "In a manner fitting of Asgard," meaning one plate of food could easily feed 3-4 people.
All in all, Loki is loving all this freezing cold weather, and I want to punch his smug face in for it.  That being said, Madison was breathtaking, SO much fun and I cannot wait to go back.

I'd just prefer it wasn't subzero when I'm there again.


  1. If you check cool on a post about winter weather is it redundant? *grins* I didn't realize you had this going on (I'm almost 90% on my professional fb not this one) but I'm not surprised. Too cute!!!

    When you get back you and I should get together, I have the alt Loki (the grey and black one) I think they'd be most intrigued with one another! ;)

    Have fun sweetie. (sorry it's been so long...I kinda suck for a friend in case you didn't notice) *hugs*

    1. *HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* I would love that! The blog I write for actually is talking about picking this up as a regular thing, so I would LOVE for Loki to meet his alt kin!

      I miss you honey. Trust me, I understand, life gets crazy. But I would love to see you!